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Saran Cosmetic & Chemistry Industry

Saran Cosmetic & Chemistry Industry began setting up its first manufacturing facility in 1987 in Sivas, Turkey. In 2004, production facilities moved in Bursa, Turkey. Male - female eau de parfume, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, room and large areas diffuser machine venue fragrances, rose water, car care products, cleansing gel, skin care products, the perfume branch, Saran-Çermik-Jade-Clinioxin-From the Lips to the Heart of trademark 1000 m2 closed production plant in the cosmetic industry average day, according to the product 12000-18000 units with a production capacity serves its own equity.

Our company is a family business that design, quality control and a control in all matters referred to the production stage manager is responsible to ensure product itself.

Private label production outside its own brands as well in Turkey, which has a significant customer base, our company also particularly male - female perfume, skin-care products body produces boxed sets for special occasions.