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Fragrances affect us more than we think ...

Somehow one of the five senses of human psychology, clearly affect the ability to smell. Memory the moment we revived the feelings of the past, smell, past moments and experiences which are known to quickly sense what triggered the present time. To feel a familiar smell nice and even sleep during the study (New York Times, March 9, 2007) during pleasant and even sleep to feel a familiar smell, strengthens people's memory and helps the brain to work.

Aromatherapy by the science and the behavior of human scent in day mode gives you a feeling that affect ease. (Associated Content, Wanda Leibowitz, 30 June 2006) of natural fragrances such as lavender and vanilla stress, anxiety and even has been proven by researchers to reduce the excitement! A nice smell, makes a person more attractive.

Brand Sense / Sense of Brand's book author Martin has 83% market share in the non-commercial purpose our sense of sight communication according to Lindstrom. However, the remaining 17% is shared between parts of our other four senses. Reflects the brand identity and a nice scent evokes emotions, definitely makes people more in the store and immediately triggers the increase of sales accordingly. According to scientists, 20% on sales of smell - have an impact on changing the 90% range. In the eyes of the people of the pleasant smell contributes to better quality and value stores a boot image. According to research odor, increases the time spent with the consumer of the product moving through those 15% due to the smell of a product - you can pay 20% more. Odor and strengthens both brands as well as helping to keep the brand in mind for a long time. At the same time motivating the employees, helping them to be more creative and productive. The smell is also a positive effect on learning ( I) is proven with scientific studies today.

Whatever your goal, manages to attract the attention of the right people smell. Pursuing memory provides a permanent place to be remembered, makes the difference and prestige for the brand