Who are we
Carrying the adventure that our grandfather started in a small fragrance workshop in 1954, we are as the 3rd Generation, to the present day, as PRIVATE LABEL or with our own brands; men and women eau de parfume, eau de toilette, cologne, large-area scenting machines and corporate scents adapted to the machine, ambient scents with bamboo sticks, scented candles, room perfumes, perfumed laundry scents, rose water, car perfumes, hand cleaning solution, hand creams, We produce body lotions, shower gels, and clad sets designed for special occasions. PRIVATE LABEL production is a convenient service for our customers who do not have a production base, who are looking for a stable and experienced cooperation to realize their business concept.

Our Collaboration
We serve with our website and chemical productions both with private labels and with our own brands. Private Label Cosmetic Products are based on the requirements of our current partners. You can offer the product you think, imagine, or even trust us to develop a new product or send a product sample. We always focus on your satisfaction. You can choose to buy our branded products or use your own brand for the products you are considering. Our production lines; It serves you from the production of high-volume cosmetic products to the luxury product category. The primary criterion of our cooperation is your satisfaction. We are an accredited GMP certified manufacturing facility for the international cosmetics industry.

Our Factory
Saran Cosmetic works to design and produce the highest quality products with its experience of more than 60 years in its 3500 square meter production area. It provides services with its own capital, with a production capacity of 15000 - 35000 units according to the product. Our facility; It provides one-to-one control in every aspect from design, quality control and production responsible manager to product shipment.