SARAN Cosmetics; It is ready to serve its customers in Private Label projects. We are your business partner for turnkey projects from product design stage, fragrance designs and choices, packaging selections and designs, production details, quality control stage to product shipment. In line with the demands of our customers, perfume group (EDP-EDT-EDC perfume, Niche special perfumes), cologne group, home cosmetics group (bamboo stick room fragrances, room fragrances, perfumed laundry scents, scented candles), skin care group (hand cream, We design the categories (body lotion, shower gel, body splash) from scratch in line with your dreams and wishes, and produce them at the best quality standards for you.In fact, we develop completely new, different and special products for your brand that meet your expectations and produce them for you at the best quality standards. In addition, we become your business partner in your ready-made projects, during the production phase. You dream it, we will design and produce the best for you.

ESANS ve Koku Tasarım Süreci

Essence and Fragrance Design Process We have a diverse collection of fragrances & essences and we use the highest quality perfume essences for you. We can use any existing formula as well as develop a completely new formulation to meet all your requirements, according to your wishes. Knowing what the current and future trend will be, we recommend formulas and fragrances suitable for your brand. You tell us what the parameters are and we will offer you the most suitable solution for your quality, quantity and pricing requirements. Be comfortable with the confidentiality of the formulations of the fragrance designs that we will offer for your brand, because confidentiality is a fundamental principle for us.


The perfect harmony of your design and brand... The processes are carefully managed by our design team and R&D department, from the creation of the product features to the special packaging design for you. More material to you than you can imagine; We can offer many options such as bottle, ink-on-bottle printing applications, caps, boxes, product design. We can design and produce the products that best reflect your brand for you. You can count on our advice, based on over 68 years of experience, at every stage of the product development process.